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Chinese Calligraphy Workshops

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Immerse in the world of calligraphy in Taipei

Learn Chinese Calligraphy in Taipei

This class offers a hands-on lesson and immersion into the rich universe of Chinese calligraphy. You’ll get to learn all about its colourful and profound history and start to familiarise with key techniques.

Chinese Calligraphy offers a rich introduction for the appreciation of traditional Chinese culture and aesthetics. It can also help immensely with learning to focus and calm the mind. The workshop will enhance your knowledge of both visual and physical art, together with a better understanding of the Chinese characters’ composition through hands-on experience.

With the help of this small-group session, you may discover the lengthy history of Chinese calligraphy and get a practical introduction to the art. Make your own way to the Taipei classroom location, where you will meet your instructor, familiarise yourself with the materials you will need, and learn about the main principles and techniques of calligraphy. Next, put your newly acquired talents to the test by producing original creations that you may take home. This intimate session, suitable for individuals and small groups, guarantees practical learning that would greatly enrich the mind of the uninitiated.

Conducted by

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Danny Tsai


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Stella Tsai


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Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy

Knowledge required

The workshop is designed especially for people with no previous experience or exposure to the art of Chinese calligraphy but would like to gain some basic understanding of the it.

What you’ll do

You will be exposed to the history and many styles of Chinese calligraphy in this one-session workshop. In addition to practising fundamental calligraphy strokes and methods, you’ll see professional demonstrations of calligraphy instruments. You will gain knowledge about, appreciation for, and proficiency with the shapes and flows of Chinese characters along the way. We’ll concentrate on perfecting the fundamental movements and basic elements of Chinese characters.

The workshop typically takes 1.5 hours.

What you’ll get

All materials including tools, paper and ink will be provided on the day.

What to bring

Generally, you don’t have to bring anything. All other tools and equipment equipment will be provided. With our introduction, you will likely find some inspiration and ideas along the way!

Suitable for

Individuals and small groups including kids. You will also be able to make your own masterpiece with the brush-pen. The goal is to make Chinese calligraphy as accessible and enjoyable as possible. No knowledge of Mandarin Chinese is required to attend this workshop.

Single Session


1.5 hour Chinese calligraphy workshop, suitable for beginners.
Small group (maximum of five students per group) to ensure you get individualised attention.
All materials provided
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